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Ariel Ambulance

Ambulance Prop from Firefly episode "Ariel"

Join Operation: Rescue "Ariel" Ambulance!

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Current Funds: $1015
Goal: $4000

The Paypal account has now been upgraded to accept credit card donatations!
Thanks to delirium for handling these plastic payments until now!

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Our Own Heros!

The Prop Store of London
The Prop Store of London has just donated
an Alliance First Aid Box,
an Alliance Lab Assistant Costume,
and a Bank Heist Money Display
to travel with the ambulance and/or get auctioned off to raise needed funds!

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Still Flying Fanzine
   Ambulance Chaser: Saving the Ariel Ambulance

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Interested Museums

Minter Field Air Museum
401 Vultee Street
Shafter, California 93263

Pacific Coast Air Museum
2230 Becker Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Santa Maria Museum of Flight
3015 Airpark Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Interested Conventions

64th World Science Fiction Convention
LA con IV
Anaheim, CA
August 23-27, 2006 (Wed-Sat)

Ariel Ambulance
Ariel Ambulance
50% wood-frame-and-fiberglass mock-up
Mi-24 Hind Soviet Helicopter
Mi-24 Hind Soviet Helicopter
The "Flying Tank"

Join Operation: Rescue "Ariel" Ambulance!

Thank you! Thankyou! Thankyouthankyouthankyou... Akin for finding this piece of the 'verse! all the volunteers and donors--the Ariel Ambulance will soon be ours!

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Last Updated: Monday, February 13, 2006